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    Iran A-grade Standard
  • CE
    European CE Certificate
  • 25 YEARS
    25 Years Durability guarantee
    license from Germany

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About Vaka Kreuz

Vaka Kreuz Industrial Group, as a leader and pioneer in the UPVC profile industry, with the ability to produce a variety of insulated doors and windows with double and triple glazing, is the most complete company producing profiles in Iran with more than 60 profile models. In other words, this group is the only producer of five series of UPVC profiles with one brand, all at A-grade quality and in different classes for different tastes and budgets.

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Vaka Kreuz profiles are presented in five series. Also, the Curtain Wall Series is presented for the first time with UPVC material by Vaka.

Step-by-step checklist for buying and installing UPVC windows

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  • Warranty

    For all three parts: UPVC section, glass and fittings parts


  • Glass

    Use of standard double glazed glass with argon gas


  • Connections

    Hinges, screws, and their material is better to be made of steel


  • EPDM Gasket

    Cleaning of welding areas in the factory and the use of EPDM gasket


  • Price

    According to your budget, choose the best price


‌‌Windows Types

UPVC upright and sliding windows made from Vaka Kreuz profiles are designed to have slim and smooth frames, have a more beautiful appearance, and also create better views from inside and outside. See All →

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